Good thriller movies worth recommending

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Are your palms sweating? Are your teeth clenched? Is your heart beating and your legs shaking uncontrollably? If so, the movie you are watching is probably working. If done well, thrillers can cause more physical reactions than any other type of bar horror film. However, how it triggers th

Night and the City
In the 1950s, film producer Jules Dassin was chased out of the United States by the "red man under the bed" brigade, and he engaged in his trade on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The loss of Hollywood is the gain of Europe, because he made two of his greatest films there: the groundbreaking robbery film rififi and this London black thriller movie, which brought the best turning point of his career by Richard Widmark, who has been underestimated for many years. Harry Fabian, a liar in Widmark's works, is sweating in despair. He weaves such a entangled network in the criminal underworld, and is finally involved. He has always been an anti hero.

Dead Man’s Shoes
This revenge thriller movie is a cruel alien in the director Shane meadows' warm humanistic film. It is a British exploitation film with real emotional weight. Paddy cornsdain plays former soldier Richard, bringing a trace of Travis bicker to the mountaintop; Toby kebbell, his abused and vulnerable brother Anthony, was preyed on by drug dealers who did not know what would happen. Watch this with the kill list to learn about the double bill in rural England and keep you close to the city.

The American Friend
Wim Wenders is not entirely synonymous with this type, but he adapted Patricia Highsmith's ripley's game into an winningly off-kilter thriller movie. Dennis Hopper played the role of Ripley, a wealthy American tramp who grabbed Bruno Ganz's dying German frame and persuaded him to start playing for the criminal gang. The plot is not what you call Hitchcock, but Wenders is more interested in the existential fog that envelops his characters - and their conspiracy ties - than the motives behind their crimes. It's a black movie, a dark companion movie.

The Thousand Eyes of Dr Mabuse
The third thriller movie of Dr. mAbs was released nearly 30 years after Dr. mAbs' will, and more than 40 years after the vicious doctor released his first foul plan in Dr. mAbs: gambler. The director fritzlang gave up his anti Nazi fables and created a Byzantine story in which a less good doctor (Wolfgang Pryce) monitored every room of the hotel. With gadgets and paranoia in vogue, it feels like the forerunner of a whole generation of technological thrillers: the enemies of the country, and even, we dare say

The Spy Who Loved Me
For more than 50 years, no matter what the hell Moonraker is, James Bond's franchise has evolved from a cold war thriller to a global trot. This issue is the best part of the era of Roger Moore. It is a very interesting breakwater between these two stages: the fun of escaping from reality before the arrival of stupidity full of gadgets. Special props belong to the production designer Ken Adam, who is responsible for creating a nest of marine evil on the pinewood location.

The Parallax View
As the core part of Watergate, parallax landscape has joined the trilogy of director Alan pakula's early Klute and all the president's men, which is unparalleled in the pessimism of the country. Warren Beatty plays a Crusader reporter. He studies the secret organization of a political assassin in depth; Unconsciously, he didn't know how much they wanted to welcome him to their team.