Yes, You Can Market a Book in Late December

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In many places where there were rules about how and when to do something, they've gone out the window. There was a time when book publicists advised authors to avoid book launches during the holiday period and in late summer – which meant everything was released during spring and fall. But in the past few years, much has changed, and a surprising number of successful books have been released at non-standard times, such as late December. Much is made of the 24 hours news cycle, and the internet goes that one better with continual content updates. It gives you more latitude for launches.

Some wise PR people have discovered there are more opportunities when the competition is less, and the holidays are one such time. Late summer is another one with producers and editors starved for exciting content. Because most books published today benefit from traditional publicity in the form of media coverage, less-competitive periods are beneficial. If you publish your book during spring or fall, media gatekeepers are swamped with choices, and it's too easy to become lost in the clutter. When you or your publicist make a pitch for coverage during a quieter time, your chances improve automatically.

The same goes for readers and viewers who consume their favorite media year-round. No one stops reading a blog or watching a video because of the date. People's interest is continuous, and if a few more people are on vacation during the holiday period, they are home more time to read or watch. After years of trying to program everything in only two of the four seasons, innovative book PR people began to see opportunities and are going against the flow. It doesn't work for every book or author, but it does for many and is worth investigating. Regardless of the season, your book needs a solid promotional plan.

If your budget has room for a book PR firm, check with them about unique ideas like a holiday period launch. It's an attractive idea, particularly for first-time authors who might easily be overlooked during busier periods. Finding ways to improve your chances of coverage always makes sense, and you'll be pleased when your book is covered. It also can help you be invited to appear as a guest on TV, radio, and podcasts. Any way you can reach your target audience can help your book succeed. You can post about your media coverage on your social media channels to ensure your fans are kept in the loop.