To feel exciting in good adventure movies

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Among all the stories told by human beings, there is a wonderful adventure that is told to our souls again and again, whether it is an ancient text such as "the epic of Gilgamesh" or a more modern story such as "Star Wars" by George Lucas.

The Count of Monte Cristo
According to Alexandre Dumas's 1844 novel, the count of Monte Cristo tells the adventures of Edmund Dantes, who is about to have a perfect life... Until he is betrayed by jealous enemies and put into prison. From there, we can see that Edmund survived the prison, fled the notorious Chateau Yves, sought the treasure, and experienced the ultimate glory when he showed himself to the Paris society as "count of Monte Cristo". And, oh, yes, from beginning to end, he was planning a serious revenge. From pirates to secret tunnels, this adventure movie is full of adventure and neoclassicism.

Ready Player One
In "ready player one", the young orphan Wade watts lives in a tragic dystopian world, and the RV is stacked together like the world's saddest Lego blocks. But fortunately for Wade, the wireless network is excellent. Our heroes – and most others – spend their days in oasis, the ultimate form of escapism in video game reality. However, when the creator of oasis hid his huge wealth and company ownership in an Easter egg in his VR world, Wade began the ultimate virtual adventure to find it, crossing a world full of Gen-X pop culture references and employing bad people.In this imaginable adventure movie,you will see many interesting things.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold
In the real-life adaptation of this classic animated children's series, Dora, the second-generation explorer, starts an adventure with her monkey friend Butz and her cousin Diego after her parents disappear while searching for a lost city full of treasures. The popular program "Dora and the lost city of gold" has carried out a fantastic young people's re imagination, which is an appropriate tribute and provides a considerable part of comedy, fantastic ideas and adventures suitable for families.It is a good adventure movie suitable for families.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Adapted from Patrick O'Brian's historical novel series, master and Commander: the other side of the world is a maritime adventure set in the Napoleonic War. Like the novel, the film tells the adventures of Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy and his marine surgeon Dr. Stephen mathulin. In order to hunt down French privateers, Captain Aubrey led HMS surprise to the Galapagos islands near Cape Horn. There, they encountered a series of sea adventures, from strange calm waters to strange new species, and then to hand to hand combat with nasty sailors.A fantasy adventure movie.

Fantastic Voyage
Long before my dear, I have narrowed down the children and inner space, fantasy journey imagined a world where miniaturization technology was the latest frontier of the cold war. On the micro submarine Proteus, a group of medical scientists must go through a scientist's body to rescue him and his top secret information from the blood clot within one hour. Although science may not help anyone through biology 101, the "wonderful voyage" is an interesting journey through the human circulatory system, in which there are quite a few red panic antics.A funny adventure movie.

The Hidden Fortress
The hidden fortress is set in feudal Japan. The unfortunate farmers tahei and matashichi join the powerful Yamana tribal soldiers and finally escort the princess and her family across the enemy territory, thus embarking on an adventure. As an imperfect hero, Taiping and Youqi can hardly meet the challenge of fighting warriors. But with the help of some brave allies, they managed to scrape through. One of the most influential films on Star Wars and secret fortress in 1977 is the real classic of Japanese films.