Good actions to watch with your bros

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You can stream many of these movies now, and if you're eager to get a new version without leaving home, some of them will stream quickly.


The Batman
If you haven't heard of it for some reason, Robert Pattinson is the new Bruce Wayne in the latest Batman movie. The co stars include Zoe Kravitz as cat woman, Paul Dano as Riddler and Colin Farrell as penguin.It is such a classical action movie.

"Let's make a action film", but it's also a horror film! This belongs to "why hasn't anyone made this action film before?" Category, because the premise is honest genius. Fortunately, it also failed to live up to the hype. My favorite is Brittany snow and kid Cudi as two adult action movie performers. In addition, due to a creepy old couple and a crocodile (!), There are many more moves.

The Lost City
A romantic novelist and her cover model are finally kidnapped on an island according to one of her novels (Novels), and adventure pranks follow. Listen to the funny jokes between Sandra Bullock and Chanin Tatum, and leave interesting guest appearances (no spoilers!!).

The Northman
According to the legend that inspired Hamlet, this story features Alexander scarsgaard, who is a shirtless prince who is killing his father and kidnapping his mother's uncle in the war. Surprise, surprise, the situation is more complicated than it looks. (in addition, if you didn't like reading Hamlet in high school, this action movie is a more exciting version of the story.)

Operation Mincemeat
OK, yes, so this is basically a action movie set in World War II, involving an attempt to deceive the Nazis with corpses. And, yes, this action movie is a lot of tactics in the context of real war, not people jumping out of planes and other things. But it's like a pulse, because you're always thinking about whether and how they can achieve it.

The Bob's Burgers Movie
If you are a fan of this popular TV program, the movie version will also add some more wild action elements. If you're new to the show and want to see what's going on, I strongly recommend you start here.