Thief, Red Witch

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Everyone is not a fool,heavy duty cantilever racks, this human ten is fooling people, but in the name of the God of light, what if he is not fooling people? Stop it! It was rather embarrassing for Flanders to say this.

 Without waiting for the two elders to leave, Kang Yannan suddenly went around the forest again. Apart from warning all sides of the martial arts world along the way, he seemed to be searching for something. He didn't stop until he saw a red shadow flashing dozens of feet away. He suddenly said, "So it's not the arrival of the emperor (blue horse). Strange, whose is this pink BMW?"? Look at the appearance, unexpectedly with the emperor the same steed! It turned out that he had heard the horse's neigh and looked around, and when he saw a pink horse hiding behind a rock, he realized that it was not his foal. Just when he hesitated, suddenly found a masked woman from the left side of a flash, curiosity, the dark pursuit of the work, followed closely. Yan Ling Book Club sweeps the school Chapter 23 The Five Grain Worm is the Mayao Pot As I walked along, I heard the sound of screams coming from the prairie, and it was obvious that it was time to win or lose! After less than a mile, the masked woman suddenly disappeared in a forest, and he rushed in for fear of making a mistake. Suddenly, a large number of masked women appeared in the forest crevices, one by one surrounded by the wind! As soon as Kang Yannan saw it, he was frightened and knew that he had been lured by the enemy. He immediately stopped to guard against it. He estimated the number and thought to himself, "The thirty-two masked women of the Golden Mother Gang seem to have all arrived." Suddenly one of the girls asked coldly, "Are you the Dragon Slayer who got the'Peaceful Golden Xiao '?" When Kang Yannan heard the sound coming from all sides, he didn't know who was speaking. "This woman's internal strength has reached its peak, and she's very young," he exclaimed. He answered in a calm and loud voice,push back racking system, "God Xiao is really successful for me. Do you also have the intention to rob?" His posture looked flustered and quiet, and he looked at the masked women in silence, but the man who did not know where to speak said coldly, "Do you know where you are?" Kang Yannan laughed loudly and said, "It looks like all the countries of incense, but it's a Rouge array!" "Don't be glib," the cold voice shouted. "Hand over the magic arrow. This is the way to live. If you want to use force, you will die." Kang Yandou answered in a deep voice, "I have long been famous for my forcible robbery. If you don't believe me,heavy duty cantilever racks, you might as well try my tricks." That woman suddenly Jiao shouted: "Deploy!" " When Kang Yannan knew that they were going to set up a secret array, he couldn't help laughing and said, "Why do you have to spend so much time? I have God Xiao in my hand. Don't say that I can't trap a little secret for a while. Even if a celestial being comes down to earth, what can I do?" After a slight pause, he saw that all the women were in their places without confusion. He could not help saying in a deep voice, "I have another word to warn you. If you want to force me to make a move, the casualties will be minor. I'm afraid you'll inevitably make a fool of yourself!" The cold voice Jiao shouted, "The battle has been formed. If you have the guts to rush out, what do you mean by showing your ugliness?" Kang Yannan laughed and said, "I've heard that you are all virgins, and you regard the jade body as your life. Judging from your masked cover, I believe the rumor is true. Once I launch an offensive, as far as the sword can reach, it's hard to avoid someone's dress flying. It's hard to prevent the wonderful appearance from being exposed." As soon as his voice fell, he suddenly heard an old voice shouting: "This boy's words are frivolous. The children quickly started to dismember him!" When the masked women heard this, they shouted in unison, heavy duty metal racks ,warehousing storage solutions, and in an instant, their swords were flying like a million stars! Kang Yannan waved his sword and said, "The person just now is the'Golden Mother of Xuantian '. So she is here in person." All of a sudden, he saw that all the women were performing the secret swordsmanship. He couldn't help but be surprised. He immediately moved the God Xiao and tried his best to defend. The old voice then shouted: "Children, do not touch with his God Xiao!" " The first circle was surrounded by twelve masked women, who carried out a wave-like attack, one circle of attack, two circles of attack, alternating layers, endless attacks, but in this moment, there were several women flying away by God Xiao Zhen! Kang Yannan did not want to kill people without enmity. What's more, the other side is a young girl, therefore, there is no opportunity to kill the arrival to let go, after a while, he stood toward the west attack. Hidden in the dark'Xuantian Golden Mother 'to see his heroic peerless, seems to be very surprised, immediately issued an order, all the offensive aside! Kang Yannan only felt a flower in his eyes, and a wonderful scene stood up around him. He saw that there were flowers everywhere, and all the masked women had disappeared! He suddenly realized something and suddenly thought, "The secret battle array has been launched." Suddenly, the God Xiao in his hand made a pleasant sound. He did not blow his own voice. His voice was like the sounds of nature. Suddenly, he was pleasantly surprised and said, "I was lying just now. I remember that the God Xiao really appeared!" A moment later, he suddenly saw a path paved with white sand among the flowers, winding, and did not know where to go? Feeling the same, he immediately followed the path and said with a happy smile, "This is the illusion of the illusion. It must be my way out of battle. It's wonderful, wonderful, mysterious. Who can believe in this mystery?" Suddenly, the old voice came into his ears and exclaimed, "Children, step up your efforts. That boy has really become a'Shenxiao 'fairy. He has disappeared!" Kang Yannan was even more delighted when he heard the sound. He couldn't help laughing and said, "The magic arrow has such a wonderful feature. I didn't see her, but she didn't see me!" Although his laughter was heard by the other side, but can not figure out the location, it sounds like in the ethereal, dangling laughter like falling from the sky! Kang Yannan suddenly thought to himself, "It's a pity that I didn't practice like this. Otherwise, I would have been able to see the figure of the old woman." Thinking of the happy place, he laughed loudly and said, "Old woman, are you the'golden mother of Xuantian '?"? How's it going? If you have the ability, just do it! "Xuantian Golden Mother" was standing on the top of a giant maple tree ten feet away. Dressed in an ancient costume, she looked like an ancient noblewoman without the slightest appearance of old age. Her face was as beautiful as jade. She looked like she was only in her forties. She held a white whisk in her hand. Two masked women, one yellow and one white, stood on her left and right. When she heard the sound, she raised her eyebrows and looked at the woman on her right and said, "This boy can't be caught now. Otherwise, it will be the first strong enemy of the gang! You go to call the electric boy and the thunder boy back! The woman in yellow clothes drifted down and went to a place where people were fighting on the prairie. Another woman in white clothes seemed to see the troubled look on her face. She asked carefully,warehouse storage racks, "Master, since you can't catch him, let him go." 。